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New version 2.0!

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Download on Sourceforge. Sourcecode is available on Sourceforge or Github (git).

New in Version 2.0

New in Version 1.8

Tool to sign Portable Document Files (PDF)

PortableSigner is a signing (with X.509 certificates) program for PDF files. It's plattform independent and runs (tested) under Windows (2000, XP, ...), Linux and Mac OS X.


It's possible to sign PDF documents digital with X.509 certificates. This signed documents are read only. Therefore it's possible to implement "electronic paper"

Press releases

Some publications are mentioning PortableSigner:

What is needed?

Operating modes

PortableSigner can work in 2 modes:

GUI Desktop Modus

If you have a Java 1.7 compatible runtime, unpack the ZIP file and doubleclick or invoke the following commandline from the extracted directory:

java -jar PortableSigner.jar

Now you see something like this:


The operation on base of this screen is straightforward:

  1. Select your inputfile (the last used file is preselected).

  2. Select an outputfile.

  3. Select your PKCS#12 file (I will support other type of files and keystores later. Look in the ToDo)

  4. It is possible to attach a signature block as last page of the document.

  5. The password of your PKCS#12 file.

  6. Press the "Sign" Button 

  7. Ready!

Is the Checkbox for "Append signature block" checked, there's an additional page on the output document with the following block:


Here's the option screen:

Here's the "About ..." dialog. please include the version info in every request to me!


Commandline Modus

You can use the following commandline parameter:

pfp$ java -jar PortableSigner.jar -h
usage: PortableSigner
 -b <arg>              Append signature block [german|english|polish] as
 -c <arg>              Comment under signature block (text)
 -f                    If this is set, the document is NOT finalized
 -h                    Help (this page)
 -i <arg>              Image file for signature block
 -l <arg>              Contents of "Location" - field (text)
 -n                    Without GUI
 -o <arg>              Outputfile (PDF)
 -ownerpwd <arg>       Owner password
 -ownerpwdfile <arg>   Owner password file
 -p <arg>              Signaturepassword
 -pwdfile <arg>        Password file
 -r <arg>              Contents of "Reason" - field (text)
 -s <arg>              Signaturefile (P12 or PFX)
 -t <arg>              Inputfile (PDF)

For the example above the following commandline is required:

pfp$ java -jar PortableSigner.jar -n \
        -t /Users/pfp/Desktop/unsigned.pdf \
        -o /Users/pfp/Desktop/signed.pdf \
        -s /Users/pfp/Desktop/pfp.p12 \ 
        -p MySecretPassword
is generated and signed!

The switch "-n" turns the GUI off. In all other cases the GUI is invoked to support macro mode calling!


Peter Pfläging <>

Thanks to all supporters with ideas, localizations and patches, ...